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Natalia Padilla

Hello, Hello! I am Natalia Padilla, I am 13 1/2 yrs old, and I'm a 7th (going to 8th) grade homeschooler. My dad if from Honduras, my mom is from the U.S., and thanks to where they are from it made me want to travel the world. In my spare time I draw, Create music, play Minecraft, or spend time with my parents, sister, and pets!

Chloƫ Love Bell

Hello I am Chloƫ and i am 11 yrs old and am going to the 6th grade.In my free time i am quite the athletet and i enjoy being outside .I have a dog and she is the sweetest

Kayla Roker

Aloha I am Kayla and I'm 13 years old and im going to 8th grade. I like to stay in my room and I love reading webtoons. I have 3 siblings and they are annoying sometimes.