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Coding Community Is a website that will get more girls of color into coding and computer science. This is very important because not only girls but, girls of color get alot more representation.

The problem is that there are not enough girls of color due to lower precentage of schools having enough funding to make a coding program. But then there is enough money and they use it for funding for boy's sports and things along those lines.

The audience we really want to reach is from ages 11-18. It is good to start at a younger age because you attain and grasp information better at a younger age. The solution to this problem is making more people aware of the issue that is not enough girls and girls of color exposed to coding and computer science.

Coding may not sound like that much fun but it is. Have you ever wondered what is behind all the work that is behind you phone, and all your videogames and things like that? You can create so much more using code and computer science skills.

Girls should feel like they can be and/or do whatever they want for a career , and just because we are girls does not mean we can't be treated the same as boys.

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This is is a picture of girls of color enjoying coding and computer science. The expierence i have had in the HYPE community has been eye opening and i want other girls to feel the same way about coding!